GPP Reflections

Three months have passed since I returned to the US from Mexico, and I’m currently taking the GPP 196 reflection course this fall semester. In this course, students reflect on their practice experience as it is situated within the larger paradigms of poverty, and explore how issues of global poverty and inequality will shape their […]

Week 6 in Chiapas

I would like to thank the Fundacion Cantaro Azul team for being so friendly and helpful to the UC Berkeley GPP students these six weeks Muchas gracias al equipo de la Fundacion Cantaro Azul por ser tan amables y apoyarnos durante estas seis semanas. Los vamos a extrañar 🙂

Week 5 in Chiapas

This week, I traveled to several communities on a 4 day trip with the FCA Franquicia Social team. The purpose of the trip was to do follow-up visits of three water kiosks and diagnostics of other communities that could benefit from the clean water technology. We visited teams of women that worked in the kiosks […]

Week 4 in Chiapas

This week, we celebrated the 9th anniversary of Fundacion Cantaro Azul. I took some time to reflect on the great work FCA has  done as an NGO to increase access to safe drinking water in Chiapas and other Mexican states. Here is some background info about FCA: Mission: Our mission is to improve the health and […]

some quotes from TierrAdentro cafe

“Para los pueblos indigenas, campesinos y rurales, la tierra y el territorio son mas que trabajo y alimento: son tambien cultura, comunidad, historia, ancestros, sueños, futuro, vida y madre” -Andres Aubry “Que mi voz suba a los montes y baje a la tierra y truene, eso pide mi garganta desde ahora y desde siempre” -Miguel […]